• Revisit early developmental patterns and engage in lots of playing on the floor with older, walking children who show signs of clumsiness, instability and poor posture, or whose progress in PD appears to be delayed or 'stuck'. In the core skills section, there are plenty of ideas for developing core stability at different stages of development.
  • Track back to the foundations if a child is struggling with a specific core skill and get them to work on these before moving forward.
  • Babies and infants should spend minimal amounts of time 'contained' in to car seats, high chairs, pushchairs, bouncers etc. which encourage the spine into a C-shape.
  • Babies should not be propped up in a vertical position before they have developed the postural stability to do this for themselves.
  • Use positive photos or drawings of the children involved in movement
    play in displays to prompt discussion and show parents the setting values physical play.