Good balance underpins so many skills - from sitting unsupported, through to running and stopping successfully to avoid obstacles. Balance is developed through lots of outdoor movement play that moves the whole body in all different directions (rocking, rolling, bouncing, spinning, sliding etc.) Keep reading to find out how the skills that underpin good balance emerge, and the games you could play to encourage skill development.

Building blocks for balancing

Developing the necessary postural stability and visual motor skills that underpin balancing

Simple balancing

Developing steadiness when moving the body in all different directions and over different surfaces

Advanced balancing

Balancing with good control in a range of environments and body positions


  • Stand on one leg for 3-5 seconds

  • Squat with complete steadiness and rise without support.

  • Sit with legs crossed

  • Walk easily along a narrow line on the floor

  • Walk along a balance beam

  • Be able to remain still and hold a shape like a statue for a few seconds

  • Walk backwards steadily toe to heel

  • Walk along a plank on the floor without support.


See what activities can help to support this core skill.

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