Kicking and batting balls is a complex skill that involves visually tracking objects and coordinating a movement response. Keep reading to find out how the skills needed for kicking and batting emerge (and at approximately what age), and the games you could play to encourage skill development.

Building blocks for kicking and batting

Developing hand eye coordination and visual tracking skills

Simple kicking and batting

Starting to manipulate objects with improving accuracy

Advanced kicking and batting

Skilfully using feet and a range of sports equipment to hit balls with accuracy and over longer distances


  • Kick a moving ball

  • Strike an object with a large, wide bat

  • Has a growing interest in using equipment for hockey, golf, badminton, football, rugby, tennis, table tennis, cricket, volleyball

  • Hammer pegs into holes

  • Hammering nails into wood

  • Strike a moving ball with a bat. Becoming more skilful at games

  • Kick a ball on the rebound

  • Do a 'drop kick'

  • Tightly grip with either hand

  • Understand and keep to the rules of a simple ball game.


See what activities can help to support this core skill.

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