Beanbag balance


Children lie on their backs with their feet together up in the air and balance a beanbag on their feet. How long can they keep the object off the ground?

To make this activity harder introduce small changes to see if the children can still balance their beanbags whilst doing something else at the same time. For example:

  • With their eyes closed
  • While clapping their hands
  • While wriggling their toes

Alternatively, get children to explore different balancing tricks with their beanbag. Can they balance it on their head, hand, shoulder, elbow, knee etc? They can try these activities with two feet on the ground and then progress to one foot.

Can the children move around an area with the beanbag balanced? Encourage them to move in different directions (forwards, backwards, sideways) and in different pathways (straight, curving, zig-zag)