Traffic lights


Traffic lights game

Children stand in a space.

  • When 'green light' is called the children run around the activity area.
  • When 'red light' is called out everyone stops still.
  • When 'yellow light' is called out, children walk around on tiptoes.
  • You could hold up coloured scarves or cards when you call out the colours.
  • For older children – challenge them by changing the activity they have to do when 'yellow' is called out, eg, skip, march, hop, jump, move sideways.
  • Other actions could be added e.g. 'stop for petrol', 'traffic jam', 'flat tyre' or 'tunnel'. Children could help to decide what these actions should be.
  • The game could be adapted to use trikes / scooters for small groups
  • Hoops or quoits could be used as steering wheels