In this section we explore how the large muscles of the legs and core strengthen to progress from learning to push feet into the ground to rise, through to jumping with increasing height and distance. Keep reading to find out how the skills for jumping emerge, what these emerging skills look like, and the games you could play to encourage skill development.

Building blocks for jumping

Learning to push feet down into the ground to rise

Simple jumping

Learning to push downwards to leave the ground momentarily.

Advanced jumping

Increasing distance, height, speed or changing direction


  • Jump from a higher surface and land safely, bending knees

  • Jump forwards, backwards and sideways

  • Shows a growing ability to perform a range of jumps - two feet to one foot, one foot to two feet, hopping, skipping etc

  • Jumps/leaps over objects from a stationary position or whilst on the move

  • Jump a rope turned by an adult.


See what activities can help to support this core skill.

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